Monday, August 10, 2015

Water, water everywhere, but not a drop to drink

It's amazing to me, driving around Southern California, all the signs from this Government telling you want you should be doing.

Take shorter showers.
Turn off the water when you brush your teeth.
Don't water the sidewalk - use a broom.
A brown law is the new green law - don't like it? get over it.

And yet, what has our State Government done to help prevent the drought lingering over our heads?  Did they plan ahead for population expansion?  Did they invest long term in desalinization plants in case of emergencies? Do they realize that economies that rely on produce, such as The Central Valley, require water to thrive?

The answer to these questions, is nothing, no, no, and of course not.

Therefore, it's no surprise that these politicians have no problem telling us what to do, yet have a fondness for ignoring the purpose of why they are elected. They can't be thinking about us while they are busy attending their crony capitalists dinner parties. It's clear, they have forgotten Government's key role in protecting it's citizens.

This is not a baseless assertion, just look at the data. Here is just a short list of what California politicians have spent, or plan on spending, our money on:
  • Multi-billion dollar, long term train project that will never make profit
  • Plastic surgery for inmates on their reproductive systems, and follow up medical care. LINK
  • Build a robot squirrel to "answer the question of why rattlesnakes rarely attack squirrels that wag their tails." LINK
  • Fetal Tissue Research that has never resulted in a single cure
For all the commotion about defunding Planned Parenthood, what is forgotten is that this is a whole industry, proped up by the State.

"Stem cell science is a big deal in California, thanks to the Institute for Regenerative Medicine, a state agency that has allocated almost $2 billion in research grants since 2004"

Disgusting.  To think so much of California's tax dollars are spent on what leads to barbarism, instead of fixing the many life threatening issues plaguing California.

This state has lost it's way.

Instead of respecting the rights granted to all humans, even those yet in the womb, we have shown our disrespect for the alienable rights endowed by our Creator.  California now seems to worship at the altar of radical environmentalism, rather than G-d

So maybe it's no coincidence that the drought, which started December 2011, is roughly the same time as when the barbarism started to truly escalate.  Is it any coincidence that StemExpress, the company at the heart of some of Center For Medical Progress's videos, was founded in 2010.

One has to wonder, as a person of G-d, if the punishment for these terrible crimes against the innocent, has resulted in such a devastating drought. One can't help but notice that companies like Stem Express, are based out of the northern part of the state, where the worst effects of the drought have been recorded.