Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Update from Murrieta

As some may know, I live nearby Murrieta, California.  So I've had the ability to take a sneak peak at what is going on without the media filter.  More importantly, since I've lived in the area, I know many of the people involved in different situations.

The media coverage has been terrible.  "For every 20 of us they interview they'll air 3 seconds of that footage and a minute of yelling...when in reality that 1 minute was the only incident of the day" said one Murrieta, California resident.

Reality is never kind to the media narative.  

For one, it ignores those instigators that have been brought in, repeatedly.  These are anti-American racists who want to intimidate Americans. They waive flags of Mexico, and shout anti-American slogans.  They wear gang gear, and often show up whenever it's clear things have become too peaceful.

On the other side, most of the American protests have been civil, peaceful.  Only one case, blown out of proportion by the media, should never have happened.  Spitting shouldn't be condoned, ever.

Civil protest, instead is what happened for the majority of the time.  Most of the 250-300 protesters have protested honorably, such as by singing the star spangled banner, and reciting the pledge of allegiance.   This in the face of being called all kinds of names by these radicals, such as racist, terrorist, and bigot.

Standing up to bigotry is not bigotry.

Yesterday afternoon, an amazing individual, Alex Myers, pulled everyone still there on the American side and talked each one down individually.  The Mayor Pro Tem. Harry Ramos saw what Alex was doing, came over, and had a conversation with him.  This conversation was completely peaceful and civil, and ended with hand shakes and thank you's.  

Alex Myers, when reached for comment, said "I explained how in reality we're on the same side.  We don't want 140 people crammed into a 60 person cell then released homeless. Cameras were literally in our faces the entire conversation. But, because it ended with me, the opposing side, and the mayor shaking hands it gets 0 air time."

Alex's story, and stories of of those who civily protested, has not been told enough for what it is.  Courage.  Courage for standing up for what is right, and doing it civilly, doing it the right way.

Not just for the children, who are suffering. Not just for our children, who can catch unknown diseases from inadequate testing.  But standing up to the top 1% who skirt the law, and make a fortune by abusing the system.  It's the good guys who are all getting the bad end of the deal. 

If Obama had been really serious about border security, he would have already done so.  Instead, conservative states, such as Arizona and Texas, have had to go it alone.  It's been the Democrats who have supported this, and it should be the Democrats in the highest offices who get the boot.