Wednesday, July 9, 2014


It's ironic how people will actively censor anything that offends them.  They become, what they despise the most, the thought Nazis.

This is the case apparently with Dragonmount, a website supposedly dedicated to Robert Jordan, but instead is just another lazy persons get rich quick scheme off decent readers.  Sadly, their moderators feel the need to censor posts.

It's also the case with so much of the left wing media.  Instead of telling the whole story, they just talk about what feels good inside to them.  For instance, the other night, I saw Fox News grilling Dick Cheney over Iraq.  They asked him all the tough questions I had always wanted to ask him for years.

It was a solid piece of journalism by Chris Wallace, at least I thought.  I was curious to flip on the other side, MSNBC, to see what they were talking about.  I figured, they would at least be grilling the interview as soft, and taking his side out of context.


Their conversations were about a men's right's conferences in Michigan, held that week. Apparently acting up, sitting in chairs peacefully, listening to the speech.  After that, a link to the Supreme Court decisions.  That was already 2-3 days old news at that point, in particular the case v. Mass.  In it, abortion zone buffers were rebuffed under the 1st Amendment.  A huge victory for the religious in this country, and only the beginning of many Supreme Court decisions that would go against Obama.

I've watched Bill Maher for years.  Since the early Political Correct days to the current HBO show, but it's become clear that their joke of a ring wing bubble now encompasses them.  They are now the ones living in a bubble of their own reality of yesteryear. In this bubble, everyone must be nice, or risk punishment or censorship.  Break those rules, and you have broken the unwritten law of society.  In that way, they control your thinking.  Making you walk on eggshells to avoid their wrath, when all you care about is right and wrong.

But the funny thing is, it's their bubble they are making. Look at the Quinipiac poll numbers.  Look at who was the most popular president on the survey?  Reagan.  So take comfort when they have to lie and censor reality to their own side, because that means they are losing.  And what did Reagan say to that?  Here they go again....