Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The Backwards Religion Not Named Islam

In 1776, we declared our Independence from a foreign King.

This was a King not only of a country, but of it's faith.  The schism that results gave freedom from Europe's quagmire of theocratic states.  This principal, our 1st amendment right to freedom of speech, at the cornerstone of our Constitutional Republic.

And yet, in the year 2015, in the same month of July, we willingly are giving back our independence to become ruled by dictators of both country and faith once again.

Some may not even recognize this new religion- saying, how can it be a religion without a god?

The answer is - religions do not require a god.  There are religions, such as Buddhism, which overall are not defined by their stance on God, rather by core beliefs they have in common.

From Merriam Webster's dictionary,

: the belief in a god or in a group of gods
: an organized system of beliefs, ceremonies, and rules used to worship a god or a group of gods
: an interest, a belief, or an activity that is very important to a person or group

Even Atheism falls into the category of religion.  While they are not an 'organized' religion, they are a people that share common interests, beliefs, and activities.

Such is also true in the case of the modern state religion.

It's position on G-d is complex.

On one hand, they vehemently deny He exists.  And on the other, complain bitterly about His existence.  How can these people call something they don't believe in, all sorts of nasty things, is beyond me.  Either way, they share the common interest of wanting Him, and his moral judgements, gone.  This is their primary objective.  And they know, their only way to do it, is to get rid of it's believers.

It's position on Science is arcane.

While they preach science as a mantra, their understanding of it goes only so far as what their higher ups tell them.  They are convinced that humanity is doomed unless we all radically change our lives back to prehistoric levels because of the air we breath out.  They are convinced that DNA and the Universe are easily explained by random events.  They are also convinced that oil is a 'fossil fuel,' despite significant evidence that it's abiotic.  They believe given enough science, that one day, mankind will live forever.  They believe that baby organs, being sold to large multinational companies, curing disease, are a moral net positive. These are not the beliefs of a modern world, these are the beliefs of ancient savages-and for good reason.

It's position on People is nihilistic paranoia.

They are willing to trust animals more than they trust humans.  They don't trust other people with guns, games, music videos, even their own thoughts!  They don't trust companies that supply them energy, vaccines, and protection from foreign invasion.  They don't see babies, who are aborted, as having any chance of pulling themselves out of destitute situations, even in America. None! Nor do they care, seemingly, when babies are being chopped up, crushed, and their organs sold to pay for Lamborghini's.  But honestly, this religion cares nothing for real news - after all, it's convinced itself into allying with a fanatical nihilistic religion even worse.

It's position on News is to search for it's own bias

It finds anything uncomfortable, avoidable. It's rather content to live blissfully, ignoring the world, even as it burns.  Anyone who doesn't agree, they therefore have to find an excuse for why they don't agree.  If one talks about current events, they label you as 'watching too much Fox News,' as if Fox News is the only source of conservative news.  And anyone who judges them for their genetic reality, is labeled as a Christian. Such is it's reliance on it's own perceived knowledge - it's a know it all religion.  They seem to know exactly who everyone is- and why.

Combine these two facts:
It's blossomed as a fascist religion
And their goals to eliminate past religions, freedom of speech, and individual rights.

This should seem very similar to Islam. Submission.

Their chosen symbol is an cultural appropriation of the Civil Rights fight.

It's closer to Mussolini's bundle of sticks, the colors are stacked together.  And while sexual orientation isn't a multiple choice question, like they would like people to believe, it's used in the context of the 14th amendment, an amendment created after the Civil War itself to stop discrimination, to force all sorts of Government interference.

They clothes themselves in morality, advocate essentially for the same socialist merger between State and Corporations, and treat every word out of their Leader's mouth as if it was law.

But when confronted?  They get angry, violent.  Threaten ramifications for "hate speech."

You can see that facts to these people hurt their feelings.  And facts don't care about feelings.  But these people don't care - there is no boundary to what they will do if they don't like you.
In Oregon, they have even gone so far as to fine a couple 135 thousand dollars, and order the revoking of their right to talk about it. LINK

The fact is that the fascist tyranny has already started.

So pray for the United States of America, so that it can be free of this theocratic tyranny that we now live under.  Pray that we can continue our pursuit of happiness as our fathers did.  Pray that those that truly know G-d will come together once again, once again summoning the courage of our Lord.

And may the United States of America rise like a phoenix again from the ashes of this fascist Dictator and his backwards religion that belongs in the Stone Age.