Thursday, January 29, 2015

G-d & science in the year 2015

The following I've posted before, elsewhere, and it resulted in someone calling me an "electro-terrorist" for it.

The existence of G-d has been, of course, one of the greatest questions of the human psyche. Obviously, I'm Jewish, a religion thousands of years old, and we don't believe we know exactly what G-d is.  (This is why we take offense to the Islamic tradition saying they know "God is Great.") Those who claim Jews have to believe in some old white man in the sky clearly missed the story of Abraham, the first Jew.  Abraham was expelled from Babylon because he smashed the graven idols of the people.  This was important, because we did not think there should be any one image of the Creator of everything.

And that is what we really, as Jews, ultimately believe.  That there is one Creator of the universe.  I am, that I am. And he continues to work his miracles upon the world.

In 2011, the Nobel prize in Physics was given to Saul Perlmutter, Brian Schmidt and Adam Riess for discovering that the universe's growth is accelerating.  ( 

Since the universe is accelerating, this tells us something is acting upon the universe in order to cause the expansion.  Think of it like a car driving down the road.  In order to accelerate, you have to put more energy into the system to counteract drag and rolling resistance.  So there has to be something, an outside energy, outside the Universe acting upon it to cause it to accelerate.  Some label this "Dark Energy," but I think it should be called "Creation Energy" because it's helped to create the universe.

Nor is the universe accelerating randomly, but rather in a very orderly fashion.  This is known as the Anthropic principal, of which there is no denying that the universe is precisely tuned.  The Earth is tilted at exactly the right angle on it's axis, as well at the right orbit around the sun, that allows for the winter and summer seasons.  The moon is the proper distance away from the Earth to cause tides, but not too close as too cause massive flooding.

All these factors make it impossible not to realize that there is intelligent design to the universe from the macro level.  And how about the micro?

I look toward DNA, RNA and Proteins.  Darwin, a man who watched birds on a hot boat, in the middle of the pacific ocean, had no idea about the inner workings of the cell.  Since we now have the tools to assess DNA, we now realize that these are information.  Just like computers, when we have lines of code that produce results, we know they are the result of a programmer.  Such is the case with DNA, we know that they require very specific coding to get things right.

This is why the idea of random mutations in a line of code is so utterly stupid in terms of trying to improve the code.  In programming, if the code doesn't make sense, it crashes the program.  In the same sense, when your DNA isn't transferred properly, there are errors in it, it becomes cancerous.

Thus we now should be able to realize that we are the result of intelligent design.  We have taken upon Darwin's challenge of searching the fossil record for these millions of permutations, and we don't have them.  The fossil record clearly shows that species appear fully functional, with only variation over time.  For instance, those 13 species of finches that Darwin was looking at in 1835 are still the same 13 species of finch today.  There has been no evolution or random new species.

Thus the theory of "Punctuated Equilibrium" was born to explain sudden evolutionary advances.  It suggested that in small areas, a species could randomly, and rapidly, evolve new species.  However, new studies show that there is evidence of new species occurring in large, open populated areas.  Not only that, but the fact is small sample species, with limited DNA sets, leads to less information - not more.  A good example would be with the current Cheetah populations, of which are experiencing increasing DNA genetic code loss because there simply isn't enough variation in Cheetah DNA - and they are considered to on the brink of extinction.

So, it should be obvious, that there has to be source of that information for all these new species that continue to appear.  As Dr. David Berlinski's says, and I'm paraphrasing, there are miracles happening all around us right now.

The fact is science has revealed that there is a G-d, and that scares a great deal of people.  They don't want to admit it, or don't want to be constrained, so they immediately chastise anyone who comes to the obvious conclusion, that there has to be intelligent design to the universe.

But by avoiding real science, and the answers they have given us in the 21st century, they miss the obvious - There is just One Creator.  And considering His past actions - those recorded in the Jewish bible, I wouldn't want to get on His bad side.