Thursday, February 5, 2015

What age is it?

The President must be confused.  The year is 2015, not 1015.

He seems to be confused for a very simple reason - it's expedient for him to explain away a religion that is excessively violent, by pointing to other violent periods of time in the history of mankind.  More importantly, he trashes those with faith as those with sinful tendencies that lead to the hijacking of religion.

Such hogwash should never be spoken out loud.

But yet Obama did, and at the prayer breakfast, to the face of many Christians.

I find it repugnant and incomprehensible.  To have to go back thousands of years for some sort of relevant point turns your argument into sand.

Holding people to account for their ancestors is ridiculous, but that is where we are at.  Guilt is associated via skin color and religious history, rather than what the person is currently doing.

According to this inane logic, so long as your a white Christian, you deserve to be wiped off the face of the Earth.  That can't be allowed to stand.