Thursday, February 5, 2015

Forgiving history

History is, history.  We can't change it.

But lately, it's become popular to bring up the past as an indictment on the current.  Suddenly, you are responsible for the grievances of a few of your ancestors. I heard it a great deal over the summer...

"White people should go back to Europe!"
"White people committed genocide upon the Indians!  White people are evil!"

Strange how people today, who have no relation to the past, suddenly are guilty of crimes (both real and imagined) of their ancestors because of apparent skin color.

We should let the past go.  Forgive our ancestors, and move on.

I know, it's difficult.  But otherwise, we look obsessed.  Like Obama did today, in talking about the Crusades and Inquisition.

For me, as a Jew, I forgive the modern German people for what happened in the Holocaust.  I'm more than willing to buy a Mercedes or Volkswagon, I hold no grudge.

Hopefully, my Christian friends will agree, and forgive the modern day Italians and Jews, even if they do blame Herod and the Pharisees.

We need to instead be looking at the content of another's actions.  The deeds they do, instead of the rhetoric they spew.