Friday, April 17, 2015

Are you ready for a party without ethics?

At the end of election night 2014, with a landslide victory in hand for the GOP, the Democrats looked towards the future, 2016, for hope.  It had seemed that putting Obama on the ballot, as Obama himself proclaimed during the 2014 campaign season, had backfired, and a fresh new leader was needed.

The Democrats immediately turned to asking when Hillary would run.

For months the saga of "if" she would run aired across liberal media.  With a nervousness of playschool children they debated the amazingness of such a run as if to convince themselves of the grandeousness of the idea.

But it turns out Hillary has betrayed the public trust.  By simply running government related business through that server instead of proper government servers, she betrayed our, the American people's, trust.  As a result of using this server, we the people will never know the full and accurate contents of the Secretary of State's emails correspondence during her time in office that she was required to preserve under the Federal Records Act of 1950.

Hillary basically stole these records from us.

When it became clear she was caught in the New York Times, she was forced to come to the news conference and admit she destroyed at least 30,000 of the subpenaed emails.  It's hard to believe to begin with that in the time period she was head of State, she only sent 60,000 emails.  But we will never know because only she had the records of all emails on the server.

The bottomless pit of lies just keeps going.  But this much is clear - Hillary rather destroy those emails than let the American people know what she was really doing.  And that should, as an American citizen, upset you.

It's not a partisan issue. It's an American issue.

So why does one party continue to allow someone who so blatantly breached the people's trust to run for it's highest office?  They don't care.  Their own side's ethics are of no importance to them because they see the other side - the Republican side - as so evil, no matter what they do, it wouldn't be as bad as the other.  So long as their side wins - the ends justify the means for the cult of the State.

And so they are ok with running someone who broke the law. What a shame.