Friday, April 17, 2015

Common Sides

While we may not feel it here in the West, we can all feel the coming storm that has already spread over much of the world. The sides of which seem clearer every day.

News of Russia sending missile technology to Iran seems to suggest which side Russia has sided.  Even if the weapons are indeed defense only, selling such weapons to an aggressive actor such as Iran sends the message you condone the behavior of that regime. The weakness of President Obama and the European Union has only reinforced the notion that Putin can just take what he wants. He already has crimea in his pocket, and he is pushing for the rest of Ukraine.  The fate of Eastern Europe once again hangs in the balance.

To the south, the Islamic Republic gains it's technical skill as it continues it's march towards nuclear weaponry. The difference between it and Russia is it's suicidal desire to bring about the end of times.  Thanks to the US's exchange student programs, Iran's technological expertise now is at the top of the Middle East.  With the administration admitting that Iran's current break out time is only 2-3 months away, it seems that at this point Iran is merely stalling. In the mean time, across the Middle East, Iran's reach can now be felt.  From the shores of Lebanon, to Syria, Yemen and Baghdad, Iran has begun it's war against it's opposition.

To the west, the Islamic State now spreads out of control. Slaughters of innocent minors from Kenya to Iraq have shocked the world.  But it's not just Islamic Terror.  It's belief.  Seemingly regular Muslim immigrants pushing Christians off boats for the sole reason they are Christian? That's not just terrorism - that's a direct result of Islams fundamental radicalism.

Meanwhile, the President of the United States ignores all this.  He lectures Christians, telling them to get off their high horses about the Crusades and Inquisition that happened hundreds of years ago, or call them "less than loving" for not folding on their religion beliefs.  Obama has had the nerve to  continuing to call incidents where Christians and Jews are targeting specifically random incidents. So long as they are random, the Cult of Indiscriminateness argues, Islam is not at war with the West's core religions.  In Ben Afflecks words, they just want to live and go to school like you or me.  But that is not nearly the entire case.  Many of these fundamentalists are raised to hate America, Israel, Christians and Jews from the day they are born.  Others are brainwashed to feel absolutely no remorse for the murder of innocents - so long as it's for Allah.

Some would not only give their own lives, but also their children's lives.  Spoiler alert - This is probably the most disturbing part of the controversial movie American Sniper - the mother who would give up her own son to kill American soldiers.  In the West, we can't begin to comprehend giving up our children's lives over perceived slights.  We would recognize this as evil at a glance. That is why the effort to stop the movie, stop people from seeing for themselves the reality of the Iraq War, has been so fervent.  It's an education some people just don't have.  Until we change the education that many of these individuals receive, more generations will follow.

And not just in foreign lands, we need to be aware that this has been pushed on the grounds of Common Core.  Common Core standards that push agendas that are diametrically opposed to western values, such as attacking American's desire to be proud of the history of their country, religion and self defense.  We need to be proud of our desire to help the less fortunate and innocent.  Lack of intervention has clearly blown up in our faces - so rather than continuing to do the same thing - we should correct our actions.  We need to have a strong foreign policy that helps spread human rights.

This is why it's so important for any candidate on the Republican side not only to be against Common Core, but also for a strong military presence throughout the World.

This is the time for a real leader.