Sunday, July 20, 2014

Not so super?

Much in our culture has advanced from the early days of civilization.  But have our grocery stores?

How our grocery stores are designed are not exactly, in the favor of the health of the customer. Nor are they held accountable.

Spraying Water on Produce Doesn’t Keep Them Fresh
There are two reasons why fruit and vegetables get regular sprayings with water: One, to make them look pretty. Two, to add weight to them so they end up costing you more. Not only does the water have nothing to do with keeping them fresh, it actually makes them rot faster.

They Practice “Food Reconditioning”
If you’d like to be grossed out, just Google “food reconditioning,” or don’t, because it’s gross. But we’ll explain it to you anyway. Basically, food companies need to keep their costs as low as possible, so occasionally when food is imperfect or expired, it’ll get sent back to the supplier for “reconditioning.” Sometimes it’s rather benign, like regrinding imperfect pasta into semolina flour. But occasionally it’s more nefarious, like the time when moldy applesauce was served to school kids (just blast it with heat before repackaging it, that’ll fix it!), or when a bad batch of blueberry ice cream was sent back and turned into chocolate (just add chocolate!); it’s downright gross.

They Can Stay Open Even if They Fail Inspections
You most likely see restaurants being shut down after failing health inspections all the time, but have you ever seen a supermarket shut down after failing an inspection? We didn’t think so. While grocery stores get inspected, they’re under no obligation to close down and clean things up after they fail, largely because health departments are short-staffed and are too focused on restaurants. You can request to take a look at a supermarket’s scores, but they’re not published online, and even after they fail an inspection, they’re under no obligation to let customers know about it.

It makes one really wonder, are our grocery stores really looking out for our health?  One needs to look at where one shops to truly know.