Thursday, January 8, 2015

Of pens and charlatans

The Pen, sadly, it's not mighty at all.

It's a pen. It draws on a piece of paper.  It's not going to stop Jihadi's from shooting up your neighborhood.  The ink isn't going to stop people from planning your utter slaughter.  You want to say you stand with Charlie Hebdo, then get off your ass and buy a gun.

So while it saddens me to hear about the news out of Paris, the government of France has sown the seeds for it's own downfall.  The fear of their own police force to enter these Muslim communities, allowing them to set up their own Sharia courts, makes you even question if the Government has any authority what so ever.

Oh sure, there are going to be some police raids.  But when you can't even catch known Al-Queda members, you are inviting the terrorists to set up shop in your country, and that means that this is just the tip of the iceberg.  In fact, that the event was captured and used as propaganda by Al-Queda on social media minutes after the attack, seems to suggest that this is only the first of maybe similar attacks.

And of course, the media jumped in to lay down some cover fire for these jihadi's.  The New York Times, ABC, MSNBC, CNN all censored the images, and even the words "Islam," in order to sanitize the event for their liberal audience.  In fact, the first headlines on MSNBC read "shooting in Paris," as if the NRA was going to be blamed, once again.

And of course, the Commander and Chief, not to be outdone by the idiocracy in main stream journalism, decided at the very moment it was revealed that these murderers were trained in Yemen by Al-Queda, to purpose free community college.  Such a magic trick full of slight of hand should be reserved for professional magicians, because it doesn't work.  There is no such thing as free community college - because someone has to pay the teachers, and property taxes, and electricity ... and so on.

And before all the knuckleheads who want free community college educations scream - well, what do you have against Obama giving us an education? It's not that I don't want you to be educated, G-d knows I do, it's that Obama doesn't have the right to make law simply by declaration.  In order to pay for these services, the power of the purse, of Congress, must be consulted.

Simply put, Obama's trying to get the youth and ignorant to focus on themselves, while the reality of Obama's personal failure at containing Al-Queda is exposed. 

Ultimately, Obama has become nothing more than a charlatan, entertaining his narcissistic desire for attention while Rome burns.