Thursday, July 30, 2015

More Stoneage Savagery

As I've expressed before, this new religion is a savage and backwards one.

It has in the Christian-Judeo sense, a completely 180 degree view of the world.  How else do you explain the non-stop coverage, the doxxing by Hollywood elite, and vitriol spewed across all media platforms at the death of a single lion.

Meanwhile, at the expense of regular folks who pay their taxes, like you and me, we are subsidizing & giving tax exemptions to this new religion's Holy Church - Planned Parenthood.

You can tell they treated as clergy of this new church because there is no questioning them. THEY are the authority on these questions, isn't that clear? Not even our leaders, dare cross them.  That's why they, and only they, deserve speech free zones around their churches clinics.  And why they, and only they, can't be video taped in the act.

And if you don't understand that, you are clearly either racist, evil, greedy or country bumpkin.

So they give their mindless followers talking points to spew.
It's for cutting edge research.
PlannedParenthood is 99% about women's health.
These videos are all highly edited.
But none of this actually pans out to be true.

For instance, we have plenty of synthetic cells that we have developed instead for research.  Does the Left want people to know what much of this research is actually going towards?

 As recently as May, Pepsi ignored concerns and criticism from dozens of pro-life groups and tens of thousands of pro-life people who voiced their opposition to PepsiCo contracting with biotech company Senomyx even after it was found to be testing their food additives using fetal cells from abortions.

As to the question of Women's Health, as Dr. Ben Carson so aptly pointed out,

Lastly, of course some of the videos are edited - but there have been releases of the completely unedited versions as well.  If you want to slug through an entire brutal video, you can.  You get a much better sense of just how cruel and cold they truely are that way.  So feel free to go to the Center for Medical Progress's Youtube channel and check it out for yourself.

This doesn't dismiss not watching these videos before you pass judgement.  Here is just the latest gut wrenching edited one:

Why is such brutally easily dismissed by the Left?

The question you must ask them, is why are they so easily distracted by animals, rather than on our own babies.  Why does this religion support the invasion of privacy, that has become part of the weapons used against those this Religion declares against it's moral principals, that is against the civil right we have to privacy as Americans.

And the truth of that may be that as a country, we just might have lost a good deal of our compassion for one another, as precious creations, designed for a Higher purpose - and that's remarkably sad.