Monday, August 3, 2015

Modern Don Quixotes

Today, Obama is going to put forward new 'rules' in his Don Quixote like fight against 'Climate Change.'

He shouldn't be allowed to create 'rules' as he is the Executive, not the Legislative branch of Government.  What he is doing is frankly Unconstitutional, but that's not stopped him before.  Such is the problem with a Congress full of accomplices, unwilling to hold this lawless President accountable.

Is the Climate changing?

Of course. The climate is always changing.

We know there are many factors in these changes. Here are just a few:

The sun, since it supplies the heat to the Earth in the form of solar radiation, is the greatest contributor to heat on the planet.  Without the sun, the Earth is a frozen orb.

So when we take a close look at climate change, it's important to point out the sun has cycles as a baseline, and we should expect these things to change.

Eruptions coincide with some of the greatest short term global temperature decreases we have on record. We also know when the Earth was first formed, there were many more volcanoes on Earth that helped it cool off.  One of the reasons for this cooling effect is simply, ash plumbs often create shading below.

Due to the nature of the Earth's mantel, there is a subtle movement going on beneath our feet.  That movement leads to the creation, and destruction, of mountains, rivers, lakes and seas. If there is anything that stays the same, is that there IS constantly change.  Areas that were once lakes, are now dry deserts. Mountain ranges built themselves upon more ancient mountain ranges.

The world is constantly changing, there is no doubt about it.

Do we change the climate? Yes.

Is that bad? NO!

That's the biggest lie I see.

Nature needs Carbon Dioxide.

The notion that Carbon Dioxide is bad is foolish and ridiculous.  Carbon dioxide is absorbed into nature far too fast to consider it bad. We are talking about the mole fraction of Carbon Dioxide currently at .0004 in the air globally (it's thicker in the Developed World naturally). We could actually use more to increase plant growth!  And with more plant growth comes increases in economic profit.

I highly recommend reading Mark Levin's new book, Plunder and Deceit.  Here is the link to the chapter on Environment he released today to help everyone see the deceit that is the Climate Change agenda.

So don't be the one tilting at the make believe.  Use science to defeat this mystical De-growther non-sense.