Saturday, December 6, 2014

The war on people who do stuff

The internet age has brought us the use of Ustream to live report events.  The interesting thing about this is that you can see, without any filter, much of the reality that even those broadcasting don't want.

You could see, for yourself, the happiness and glee people had burning buildings, police cars and more. Happy to destruct towns that people have built.  Businesses, run often times by minority owners and immigrants.  Somehow, they are paying for just being in the wrong place, at the wrong time.

Why do they feel such joy at destruction and tumult? Why do they feel unabashed in disturbing those who are working for a living in those stores?  After all, some of the Macy employees do make a deal of their earnings via commissions.  And during the Holiday season is when most of them earn their biggest commission check.  The protests are frankly trying to take food off the tables of regular working people.

Why do they do these things?  The answer lies in their rationale that they are helping to improve the world in their actions.  They believe, frankly, they are heroes.  They believe by destroying everything brought about before, they will somehow bring upon an age where everyone just suddenly decides to work together - that there isn't even a smidgen of racism or corruption.

The real world is bursting at the seems from these actions. The fact that GTA5 has been removed from shelves in stores due to petitions is just a start for the SJW on it's holy crusade against the game industry, is just a great indication that even as strong as Target's drive to meet the bottom line and survive as a company is this year, they are willing to cow-tow to the SJW's in Australia. That's not good news overall for an economy that in some regards has been surpassed by China.

The good news, however, was that it was clear to everyone that SJW's really were what they tried so desperately socialist fascists.

In fact, you saw a very straight forward rebuke on those lines from Penny Arcade ( :

This is what socialists do : they want to control the world so we can "evolve" towards that perfect utopia.  Hitler believed that would be accomplished by removing the lessor races from humanity.  He was an evolutionary racist, and he was a socialist.

The goal this time around, SJW are simply here to remove anyone who thinks, or is morally "lessor" then them. They are perfectly happy to blacklist anyone who even follows anyone who disagrees with them.  Or happy to ruin people's lives, such as in the cases of the Rolling Stone & Lena Dunham.

Ultimately, it helps to achieve their broader goal - an end to the so-called patriarchy, an end to capitalism.

So, it doesn't matter what part of the political spectrum you are from, if you want to have freedom to buy games you want to buy, you are going to have to take a hard look at the far left - and what it's done.  If you like what the SJW's have done - keep voting Democrat. 

But if you realize the Left has become the socialist fascists they swear they hate so much - it's time to vote for another party.