Wednesday, July 16, 2014


World’s largest four-winged dinosaur discovered — and it has massive feathers.

What is amazing in all this is that once again, here is a fossil of a creature fully formed.  Just like archeopeteryx,


There are no "missing links" between these winged dinosaurs, they just appear.

Which goes back to one of my prior assertions, that micro-evolution is not supported by the fossil record. See this two part video on the Cambrian Explosion.


 Knowing this, a reasonable person should then question why life sprang up so quickly.


Which leads me to David Berlinski's comments on the subject,

I recommend watching all of the video to understand at least some of the debate.  I would also recommend looking at other critical arguments of Darwinian theory.

More so, the question is why isn't this debate out there?  Why is every skeptic of Darwin painted as fundamentalist Christians, believers in literal interpretation of the Biblical Creation story?

That question is why many professors around the World, want at least a debate about Darwinism. See Here