Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Los Patos

Living near Murrieta this past week has helped open my eyes to the dangerous of La Raza.

Some say, oh, they have reformed.  They aren't so dangerous, or extreme, or racist.

Intimidating Murrieta residents in uniforms sure looks extremely radical to me.

But these are the people who became the silent heroes in this twisted, upside-down side show.  Instead of a focus on issues, it became about the residents of Murrieta.  They were demonized as racists.

But, we often attack with the most fervor, what we see in ourselves.

These guys are indeed racists, as well as the supporters of them.

Pulled from

Like this guy, "Doktor Zoom" (

This "Doktor" uses yiddush, calling Xavier Hermosillo a schmuck, for doing his job.  Not just bad taste, but I truly wonder if the Doktor is even of Jewish decent.

What I find truly disgusting though, besides the terrible abuse of language, is the following statement,

"Alcaraz doesn’t seem overly worried about the implied lawsuit threat, and has gleefully escalated, calling Xavier Hermosillo “Murrieta’s own Baghdad Bob” and speculating that maybe “Republicans believe in frivolous lawsuits after all!

Spoken like a guy who knows his First Amendment and has gotten an empty threat from a douchebag who definitely doesn’t."

Hermosillo is charging Alcaraz with defamation against the City of Murrieta.  Hermosillo is, afterall, the spokesman for the city.

According to,

"In order to be actionable, a defamatory statement must be "of and concerning" the plaintiff. This means that a defamation plaintiff must show that a reasonable person would understand that the statement was referring to him or her. Of course, if a blog post or online article identifies the plaintiff by name, this requirement will be easily met. The plaintiff need not be specifically named, however, if there are enough identifying facts that any (but not necessarily every) person reading or hearing it would reasonably understand it to refer to the plaintiff."

The City of Murrieta is clearly depicted in the above cartoon, it's labeled in the mouth itself.

And like Hermosillo has stated in his messages, Alcaraz has been working overtime to paint the entire city of Murrieta as racists.

So, yes, Alcaraz could indeed be sued for defamation of the City of Murrieta.  It is no frivolous lawsuit at all.

What get's me in all of this is the final line of the blog :

"Follow Doktor Zoom on Twitter. He met Lalo Alcaraz while teaching a summer class for new students at the U of Arizona a million years ago."

Great.  As a former student at University of Arizona's school of Anthropology, I'm hoping I never took "Doktor Zooms" class.  Clearly, Doktor Zoom has no understanding of the line between freedom of speech and legal precedents that protect against libel and slander.

Sadly, both these ignoramuses are encouraging a stereotyping of Murrieta Residents are part of a larger group.  Much of the root of the anti-American slander has come from La Raza and the drones of similiar, anti-America, pro-Aztlan groups.

Just remember what Obama said at prior NCLR conferences,

Who else has marched with La Raza?  Good point, Obama.

Wonder if they looked like this,

Or this,

Or maybe this,

Sure looks like a bunch of American hating, anti-White racists.

And if it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it must be, a duck.