Tuesday, January 19, 2016

New year, old problems

This year has certainty started off with a bang, hasn't it?

Every day, it seems there is a new crisis. It seems almost impossible to keep up.

Every where you look, you see destruction and mayhem.

In Europe, scores of people are being raped and murdered.  Certain religious groups have been intimidated to the point where many are fleeing. And yet, their Governments crack down on their own people.  It's disgusting that the civilized world would turn on itself - allowing itself to being invaded - while meanwhile covering up for these lowlife scum.

But the World teetering doesn't stop there.  If you look around to Jakarta and Burkina Faso, you see terrorists targeting everything that makes Western society great.  Blowing up Starbucks and murdering tourists.  It seems clear, from Paris to San Bernardino, Terrorists have figured out the formula to attacking the West.

And how do we respond?

By sticking our head in the sand.

We have a President who see's nothing.
Who feels nothing.
Who can't even be bothered to recognize the fact that our troops surrendered to the enemy because he has given them orders to stand down.
Who can't even admit that by giving up these ships, we surrendered information on some of our latest warships to the enemy.
A President who won't admit that our troops were held hostage at gun point and then used as propaganda.

And a President who refuses to recognize an American female sailor forced to wear a hajib in direct violation of the Geneva convention by Iran. And of course, her constitutional right to freedom of religion.

The question is, whose side is Obama on?  Because clearly, he's not on the side of our troops. And so, it will only get worse. With even more attempts by foreign powers to abuse our troops.  Just as an Iranian based military did in Baghdad did yesterday.

Truly, Barack H. Obama has cemented his place as the weakest, and most feckless President, in the history of the United States.