Thursday, October 29, 2015

What isn't in the Constitution

It seems these days that journalism to some, has become confused with trolling.  Instead of concerning themselves with the record for the folks reading or viewing, they concern themselves with their own feckless concerns.

Should the government get more involved in Fantasy football?

That was indeed a serious question last night.  Apparently, the goofy bin was wide open at CNBC last night.

The best moment of the night, the moment that will be perhaps the most remembered, was when Cruz stood up and called them out.

Enough is enough with these fools.  I think it's long past time for conservatives to stop feeding these so called media sources.  They are not journalists - they are propagandists intent on trolling to gain attention.

Why? Why does the media protect the few instead of the many? Because they are just as much part of the "Oligarchy" they claim to despise.

Some 30 journalists have left their profession to go work in the Obama administration or on one of his presidential campaigns, according to the most recent tally by the Media Research Center, a conservative media watchdog group. One of the most visible jumps was by Jay Carney, a former Time reporter who went to work as Biden’s communications director — Murray’s old post — before ending up as White House press secretary.

It seems last night was more than a debate, it was an embarrassing audition by CNBC hosts to jump into power through the political destruction of opponents.

One of the interesting questions posed has always been, as a result of Citizen's united, if corporations are people.  Well, look at CNBC.  Look how it's hosting panel acted as a group.  If you need proof that corporations are people with their own agendas, then there you go.

Such disgusting behavior and lack of ethics crystallizes the public's opinion that journalists and networks have their own agendas.  So it should be no surprise that opinions of the mass media have reached historical lows - on top of many going bankrupt.

Here is my question, for all in the Press who say there are "no assault weapons in the Constitution."

What right do you have to use your platform to destroy the same country which gives you these rights?

You may say, the 1st amendment.  Well, there is no internet in the Constitution.  There are a few old fashioned printed newspapers still, but everyone knows that is becoming rarer these days, much like muskets.  There is no idea that every person would eventually be endowed with the exact same abilities to spread their thoughts as the Printing Presses.

Maybe it's time we change the 1st amendment to require the Press to pass background checks, with waiting periods before each post/article for fact checking. We could force them to tell the whole truth, with deep fines, even jail sentences for uncorrected lies.  After all, the Press advocates for locking up "white collar crime," why don't we start with the media?