Wednesday, October 21, 2015

A broken dance

Even from the supposed Republicans.

They feel content to keep trying to feed the America people lies, as if they are stupid.  As if the American people, the people who have built the greatest civilization in the history of the World, suddenly don't know what happened just two years ago.

 And yet, it's the same old playbook.

Just give us this, and jobs will flow like water!  Just give in to all our demands, and magically unicorns will come down from the sky and heal the World. And don't forget, we need weekends off.  Because even though this is a serious time, that calls for serious people, serious people don't work on weekends.

Please.  We've seen this jig before, and it's time to cut the music.

There are those in both parties - that want Amnesty at the cost of the American people.

The Reds, like Louis Guitterez, hate America, and want to complete the transformation of it into a communist state.  That he pushed for immigration "reform" with Paul Ryan, shows exactly where Paul Ryan stands in relationship to the American people.

Disgusting.  But it's exactly that reason that the Democrats have been pushing him, along with the RINOS.

Amnesty. Amnesty. Amnesty. You're gonna take it. Take it.

Enough!  It's time to get rid of all of these frauds in Government that intend to pull the wool over our eyes. Enough of these liars who refuse to put the American people's agenda first. Enough of these fake Republicans, pretending to care about the Republic.

It's time to get serious people into office, particularly in the role of Speaker of the House.

And Paul Ryan is not it.