Friday, July 11, 2014


News out of California tonight,

“The district was legally obligated to ensure prayers and other sectarian, proseltyzing content were omitted from Mr. Hamby’s speech,” the school’s attorneys wrote. “Censorship of the speech was necessary to avoid an Establishment Clause violation.”

Let me translate that into English for everyone.

The school district censored this student's speech because of the Establishment Clause.

Either this law firm is full of idiots, or they are deceptive in their presentation of the Establishment Clause, which was designed for Congress.

The speech of a student is protected by the first amendment.  If a student wants to thank God for his success, he has every right to.  He's not trying to establish a state religion.  That is the whole point of the first amendment.

But somehow, the school district and it's lawyers think they are just in their egregious and abusive use of power.

It's no wonder other parts of "Common Core" in California are coming out.  For instance, there have already been efforts to question if the Holocaust was a hoax just north of here, in Rialto, California.

It's just a start of a wide spread effort, from High Schools to Universities across the state, to change history by influencing the next generation's views of the world, and it's spreading everywhere.