Friday, July 11, 2014


What a joke.

It reminds me of my own trip back from Florida recently.

I took great care to do everything the TSA said.  They were, from the outset, clearly unprepared for the travelers that day.  The lines were not marked clearly where you had to go, or for what reasons.

After getting through the lines, I prepared for the usual scan.  This new, high tech device reminded me of that wonderful scene in Total Recall, the one with Arnold.  Lift your hands.  I told the attendant, "I feel bad for you, you should have a sign for people to make sure they wear deodorant before trying to get in line." She laughed and waived me to do as they said.

I set off the alarms, appearantly.  So they motioned me for the pat down and scan wand.

They motioned over and over my left knee with the scanner.  "My left knee?"  I questioned.

I had never had surgery on it.  Never an issue before.  No metal implants of any sort.  But somehow the scanner loved my knee.

"You are free to go."

I guess they determined that my knee wasn't made of metal or anything dangerous. As I was putting back on my belt that had gone through the scanner, a good sized medium metal buckle to it, the gentleman behind me finished going through the scanner.

I said to him,

"This technology is pretty neat, but I'm not sure I had anything in my knee."

He laughed, and grabbed his own gear.  Somehow, he was so much quicker through the security gate.

It was then he noticed, in a stark revelation, that he still had his belt on, metal buckle as well.  He turned to me,

"Well, I guess I should have put that through the scanner," he said.

Yes, he should have.  But it stunned me he was able to get through the scanner just fine, while I seemed to set off every alarm.  It's no surprise the TSA seems to be incompetent at every level.

At this point, it's living in a world ruled by these idiots.  So incompetent they are going to get people killed.  No wonder they, the middle managers, can't solve problems.  It's like that classic scene in Idiocracy, they don't understand what they are even talking about.