Friday, July 11, 2014


Not 13.  5,000.

"Texas attorney Bob Hilliard, who represents plaintiffs suing General Motors (GM), believes as many as 5,000 people died in connection with the automaker’s ignition-switch issue.

According to Hilliard, at least 100 deaths have already been brought to the attention of lawyers involved in GM cases. He said the total number of victims could be closer to 5,000, including passengers in other vehicles involved in a switch-related accident."

A very interesting claim.

I'm sure GM will once again argue it was only 13.  Oh wait, there it is.

"GM spokesman Greg Martin disputed Hilliard’s estimate. The company has said it is aware of 13 fatalities tied to the faulty ignition switches."

Well, I'm glad Bagdad Bob here disputes the estimate.   He doesn't even acknowledge it's possible.

His answer amounts to : Nothing to see here.  Move along.

GM leadership needs to be charged with serious crimes, including collusion and premeditation to commit murder.  They knew about these failures for years, and yet, kept engineers silent.

Justice should be swift and righteous.  That way, it helps to prevent other American corporation CEO's and their underlings from thinking, it's ok to murder their own customers.