Friday, July 11, 2014

The Lord of the Hollywood Rings

How many people have read the Lord of the Rings, not just watched the Hollywood movies?

It's not just more detailed, it gives you a true impression of Tolkien's work.  However, you would realize in short order, Tolkien was a bigoted racist.

I'll give you some examples.

The halflings or hobbits, are the Irish.
The dwarfs are the Scots.
The humans of Middle Earth are the Britons (Anglo-Saxons)

If you read the books, you would realize the side of Evil is represented by the Orcs and darker races.  It's assumed that the Orcs represented the Muslims, and the dark races themselves as the people from the African continent.  You may remember some of this in the movies, alluded to during the oliphant battle sequences.

For WoT fanatics, who understand the last scene with Shara invading Seachaen, one may note that the flags are red.  In the Lord of the Rings, so too is the invasion by the orcs and darker races by Corsairs with red emblems.

The Elfs represent, the Jews. 

You may remember this scene from the movies,

It was an allegory for the time of the Jews in Middle Earth to come to an end.  An Elf created the Rings of Power in the first place, and with the destruction of the One Ring, they would lose their power over the Land.  The Yemenite Jews were notoriously known for their amazing metal work, a hidden allegory that Jews dominated the world, and should go.

That is why many, including myself, find Tolkien to be both racist and anti-Semetic.

This is why I do not think Tolkien should be glorified as the greatest epic fanatasy writer.  He may have been one of the first to write in a High Fanatasy world, some may argue Beowolf is the original, but he was not a great writer.  More so, Tolkien's works are archiac remnants of a racist, bigoted, and anti-Semetic world that shouldn't be championed.

This is why I do not like Tolkien at all.  Hopefully, I will never have to repeat that again.