Sunday, July 20, 2014


The sudden shift from Obama is interesting for many reasons.

For one, it signals a move towards backing Israel in the situation.  It's easy to see how Obama and his party called for restraint when missiles and rockets were raining down on Israel's civilian population.

They thought Hamas was reasonable.  Freedom fighters.

"Hamas is just sending over bottle rockets."

It's not that the they weren't sending deadly missiles at Israel, they just weren't landing.  The Iron Dome defense system was working.

Hamas has been trying to kill Israeli's for years.  It's a never ending battle for them.

Such is the terribly inhumane logic that the Left and the administration has for Israel.  Force Israel to negotiate with Terrorists that are destroying their own people.


It's only 11 years ago that Israel pulled completely out of Gaza.  Hamas oppresses their own people.  Makes them suffer.  Yet, most of the Left apparently doesn't know that.  What year is it for these guys?  Do they not watch the news or read the papers?

Worst yet is MSNBC.  They are crippling the minds of young Americans everywhere.

Not just in their absolutely egregious coverage of Iraq and Dick Cheney's criticism that I highlighted earlier, but one can take two minutes and look at their coverage of Gaza and know they are promoting a pro-Palestinian view point.  They knowingly buy into the Hamas propaganda.  MSNBC, without checking it's facts, tries to make it seem like there isn't a war going on in Gaza.

So bravo MSNBC.  You are actually worse than CNN.