Sunday, July 20, 2014


Such is the fate of Obama.

Sure, on the outside, he seems like everyone would get along with him.  Who wouldn't want to have a beer, shoot some pool and have a slice of pizza with the guy?  I know, I still would.

But that doesn't make him a good President.

A good President stands for Freedom and American values.  A good President stands up for what is right, no matter the political consequence.  A good President cares deeply, about his people.  His citizens.

But he needs to have a set of values by which to Govern.  If there are no rules, anything goes.

The same was said of President Clinton.  Instead of Governing by morals, he Governed by the seat of his pants.  When caught, he changed the subject.  His opponents often criticized him for watching the polls.

I think Obama has fallen into the same trap.  Instead of making decisions based upon sound judgement and reasoning, he seems to be falling back into campaign habits.  Fundraisers are not a forum for open conversation.  Nor a the planned scenes for him to show up in cities, open conversation, for the President to really get to know Americans.

So, instead, when his poll numbers collapse last week, and the Jewish base of the Democrat party started to break rank, Obama could see the poll numbers shift.  Americans, are in favor of supporting Israel, while the Democrat party isn't.  A pro-Hamas sympathetic party has no chance in a general election.

So now Obama is on board.  Hopefully, the rest of the Left will see how idiotic it has been too, and change course as well.