Sunday, July 20, 2014

Boko Nutso

Boko Haram, if you hadn't heard, has also been running wild, slaughtering people in Nigeria.  It's important to know who these guys are.

"Boko Haram extremists have killed more than 100 people and hoisted their black and white flag over a town left undefended by Nigeria's military, just 53 miles from the northeastern state capital of Maiduguri, a civil defense spokesman and a human rights advocate said Saturday."
And they have targeted children and schools,

and innocent civilians.

Their creed is in the name :

"It's followers are said to be influenced by the Koranic phrase which says, "Anyone who is not governed by what Allah has revealed is among the transgressors."
Boko Haram promotes a version of Islam which makes it "haram", or fobidden, for Muslims to take part in any political or social activity associated with Western society.