Tuesday, August 11, 2015


One of the most disturbing stories, if you say you love the Earth & all it's creatures, is the spill in the Animas river this past week.

Such a disgusting ironic turn of events was started by none other than our own United States Environmental Protection Agency.

So much for protecting the environment.

One has to wonder, why was the EPA using heavy equipment in this mine anyway?  This is supposed to be a department focused on 'climate change' anyway, aren't they supposed to be reducing their carbon output? This blatantly hypocrisy of the Government being allowed to use heavy carbon producing equipment is evidence of how farcical the 'Climate Change' agenda really is.

Instead, they have allowed,

Officials from the Environmental Protection Agency said Sunday that the Gold King Mine discharged an estimated 3 million gallons of contaminated water, three times the amount previously believed.

According to preliminary testing data the EPA released Sunday, arsenic levels in the Durango area of the Animas River were, at their peak, 300 times the normal level, and lead was 3,500 times the normal level. Officials said those levels have dropped significantly since the plume moved through the area.

Both metals pose a significant danger to humans at high levels of concentration.


That's just lovely for the ecosystems of these rivers, I'm sure.

Meanwhile, in typical Obama fashion, he couldn't leave early enough for Martha's Vineyard.  Where was this supposed champion of the Environment?  The one who megalomaniacally said in 2008, that his election was the moment when 'the planet began to heal.'

So much for that.

Now Obama is responsible for one of the biggest pollution spills in the history of this country. That's now part of his environmental legacy whether he likes it or not. He has become one of America's biggest pollutors.

A truly disgusting legacy that speaks to Progressive backwardness and actual disregard for America, it's land and it's people.