Thursday, July 10, 2014

Operation Protective Edge

According to i24news,

 "Obama reiterated his condemnation of the rocket attacks on Israel from Gaza, pointing out Israel has the right to defend itself from aggression; however, he is understood to have expressed worry with the escalation of the crisis"

Obama must not understand that the whole point of such defense would be to de-escalate the situation.  I don't think this is something Obama says without purpose.  He is being deceptive, in fact, because he knows the truth.  Hamas and the Unity Palestinian Government is out to kill every Jew on Earth.  Like the leader of Hezbollah recently stated, they want all the Jews to go to Israel, so it's easier to hunt them down and kill them.

Hamas is currently shooting hundreds of rockets into Israel.  You know what would be less than hundreds of rockets pouring into Israeli?  None.

Obama is a coward for not standing up for Israel in their time of need.  This is supposed to be their ally?  If anything, Obama has been the most anti-Israel President in our time.  That is saying something with anti-Semites like Jimmy Carter having recently sat in the White House.

What I do know to be true, is that the American Jewish community is behind Israel. I'm behind Israel.  I'm a Jewish American, pro-Israel, and proud of all of it.  I recently traveled to American Jewish University in Los Angeles, and was able to talk with many from the Jewish community there.  It is amazing to see the outpouring of support from the Jewish community at this time.  The Jewish community has rallied behind Israel in a way that should stun even most Israeli's. They have a true outpouring of concern.  For them, it's important that the people of Israel keep living their lives.  Keep getting married.  Keep the children playing.  Even if that means it's in a bunker.

Here in the United States, things for Commandment keeping Jews and Christians have become much more difficult than people want to admit.  Some say it's just a vocal minority of 20 percent of the population, but it continues to grow.  There is a growing ignorance, and intolerance of religion.  Somehow, these guys have managed to infect the education system for so many years that the drivel has infected most of the non-Religious in this country.  The road they traveled was to a country of middle managers, openly hostile to religion. From the heights of the Federal Government, to your average retail chain store, they don't like people caring about religion or ethics, that's icky, crazy, downright fascist to them.

Luckily, the winds of politics are changing.  People in the United States have woken up to this fact. For Israeli's to understand this is critical.  Americans are with you more than our President, and that should help change the face of our Government shortly.

More importantly, the rage that some people have right now for the atrocities that have been allowed to be committed burns inside.  I hope some around the world fear the United States will get it's act together and stomp out some of these issues once and for all.