Thursday, July 10, 2014

La Raza

It's always dangerous sticking up to thugs, even when people try to ignore reality.

They have been at the heart of much of the trouble here all week according to many residents.  As you can see from ongoing visual evidence, they haven't left Murrieta.  Most of these individuals have identified themselves as uniformed with the National Council of La Raza.

I'll let that speak for itself in the pictures taken here,

But it shouldn't go without saying how many individuals have been reported at civil events, trying to stir up trouble.

That this is an organized effort, wouldn't be surprising.

In fact, as I post this, reports out of San Bernadino are that buses of additional illegal immigrants are being bused there instead.  According to these reports, the local police were lied to, and buses from LAX to San Bernadino began in ernest with La Raza in tow.

Coincidence? Or a continued approach because it seems no one cares what they do.  No one is reporting on them.  They answer to no one.  They have de facto carte blanche.