Friday, December 5, 2014

Patreon slanders USMC Veteran developer

Well, it looks like the previously mentioned Patreon account was removed.


Illegal? It was against the law for Rogue Star to create a page?  I checked over their FAQ page which I will go ahead and quote here :

What is not allowed?
Pornography is not allowed on Patreon. “Pornography” is defined as material designed with the sole intention of eliciting sexual arousal. Specifically, Patreon does not allow:
-Close up depictions of intercourse, masturbation, or genitalia
-Depictions of sexual bodily fluids
-Any sexual content depicting underage subjects
-Anything we forgot to put on this list but makes our users uncomfortable
Please, use common sense!  We don’t want to remove your account, but we also can’t ignore feedback from our users.  If we get multiple complaints about your account, we will contact you once with a friendly reminder to make your posts patron only, set your page to private, and remove explicit language from your page.  After that friendly reminder, if we hear from our users again, we reserve the right to turn into the Incredible Hulk and remove your account.
You must be at least 18+ years of age to view any adult content or we reserve the right to terminate your account.

I see nothing about using an account to "Not do anything" as against the rules.

But that's ok Patreon, tell my conservative followers why you would ban an US Military Veteran, while you do allow:

What is allowed?
Patreon is open to all types of art! Because sexuality is a common theme in many great works of art, Patreon does not ban work featuring nudity or other sexual content. 

So they allow pornographic artwork, but a USMC Veterans post was allegedly "illegal." Sounds more like Patreon is hiding behind words that they can't even use properly. But guess what? As someone who has frequently used Patreon, I've decided to stop and add them to my list of ruthless companies who hate on veterans.  Feel free to join me in this boycott until they issue an apology for their language.