Friday, December 5, 2014

REKT'ed the halls

For those following along with the GamerGate conversation should know by now that the back and forth between the anti-GG's, mostly lead by SJW's, and pro-GG's has been a war of words, doxxing, account suspensions, and police calls. While one side, anti-GG, constantly wants to claim the pro-GG side is dead, the pro-GG side remains.

An example of such was one original pro-GGer, known as @RogueStarGamez or Slade, who was temporarily suspended via Twitter for supposedly harassing the anti-GG side. But those claims of harassment turned out to be the typical SJW overreaction - and Slade is back on Twitter.

Clearly, the jig is up - people should move on - but that's not how SJW's operate. They never admit defeat. They never admit they are wrong.

And so the complaining and whining from anti-GG continued in all shapes and forms. Fortunately, this continued mopping has ended up setting up anti-GG for the following joke Patreon account :

It's simple.

You can't ban me off the internet.

So, pay me to censor myself.


Of course, even when SJW's over heard about RogueStar's Patreon, they whined even more.  Is this game over for Anti-GG? Well, maybe not, but if this was a boxing match, RogueStar would have just knocked Anti-GG to the mat and the ref is starting to count.