Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Turning around the ship

I recently was able to contact the owner of Theoryland and I can confirmed that the rumors from Dragonmount are utter nonsense.  Theoryland is stable and financially sound, and will be operating for the foreseeable future.

Why this nasty rumor was spread around the internet?  We may never know.

However, this does not stop the revelation that some moderators on the Theoryland forums have gone too far.  And by moderators, there may indeed be a secret hidden in the shadows.

Terez is, as of this blog post, an admin/mod.

I had to go back just to confirm this simple fact.  As you can see, this allows her unfettered access to speak her blatant ignorance because no one can ignore her.  It seems not many Theoryland posters even knew this unfortunate fact, but it's true.

It's possible, since even the owner did not know Terez was an admin/mod, that she convinced other mods, "The Chosen," to promote her without permission from the head hancho.

However, this wouldn't be the first time Terez's posse of miscreants tried to abuse their privileges or turned a blind eye to Terez's behavior.  Terez has often repeatedly attacked other posters, to the point where most posters, to my knowledge, do not like her personally.  She will not leave Theoryland for whatever reason (despite having posted so often on Dragonmount).  It's like the kid who just doesn't get when he's not liked because he's a jerk, or annoying.

Like this guy :

But this is worse because now she somehow got access to becoming an admin/moderator.  Imagine that guy in charge?  Yikes.