Thursday, July 24, 2014

Eating crow

It's tough tonight watching the middle east and world unravel.

I see so many people, who, for the first time, are waking up.  Realizing, like myself, that the World wasn't what we thought it was.

I've said it before, and I'll say again, I was wrong about Obama.  I voted for him twice.

Damn!  Why was I so blind!

Well, hopefully people will realize that making mistakes happen.  It's human nature.  We mess up.  I can admit it, hopefully people will forgive me. 

Yeah, it's not so fun.  But there you have it.  I was wrong.  I apologize.  You can blame me, even if my vote didn't matter since I live in California.

But it's the people who can't see the mistakes and correct them that worry me!

It's like their brains are broken.  Cornered, they pull stuff out their posterior instead of thinking about what is being said, or done, or the implications, etc.

It's sad to watch so many people who can't see it!  It's frustrating to no end!

Hopefully, the fact that you are reading this means you understand where I am coming from.  Or at least, are willing to listen.

The mark of a wise man is to be able to listen to what the other side has to say, even if they do not internalize it.

That is the problem I now have with the Left.  Why I couldn't take it no more and had to leave.

There are two big problems with the Left these days, and I feel it goes across the board (always a chance to prove me wrong!).  But here are my problems with the Left in general,

1. They have no more arguments.  They always have to fall back to ad hominem attacks instead of creating a real debate.

2. When it's clear they have no more arguments, they shut down debate.

For instance, take a look over at Boycott Murrieta's Facebook page.  Notice any changes?  Of course.  They eliminated comments after bragging that they would debate any challengers.  They soon realized that what they had done, and that they couldn't argue with facts.

On their page, it says in their about,

"Murrieta, California has reared its racist head, so lets give them what they want and segregate them. Boycott all business in Murrieta, California!!"

So, I went to their page to ask them, nicely, what they are about.  Why does Boycott Murrieta want to put them out of business?  Why are they being so cruel to innocent residents and businesses that had nothing to do with the protests? Basically, what does Boycott Murrieta have against Twinkle Twinkle Boutique?

I asked them,

"Why are they trying to cause economic harm to the entire city of Murrieta and it's surrounding communities by boycotting it's businesses? "

To which they responded,

"You don't get to change the history!  You don't get to tell the lies!"

Ok, whoever you are - but it says on the sign, Boycott all businesses in Murrieta, California.

So you clearly, by boycotting all the businesses in Murrieta, are trying to cause economic harm to all it's businesses, it's employees, it's customers, and therefore, it's residents.  Why?  Well, that came out in another thread....

"Boycott Murrieta, California But u have many racists living there - and your town leaders are not so discerning ....."
Well Madam, the video of people being spit on seemed very enlightening, to the international community. what would y call racial slurs and spitting on people......a Love Fest

Well, there you have it their own worlds.  They expect our "town leaders"  - as if we live in communist USSR - to encarserate, expell, or terminate "racists" because of a handheld camera and the media.  You have a right to migrate over the borders, but not to Murrieta California if you are a "racist."

Who gives them that right to say that?  Do they even live here?  Clearly, they don't, or they wouldn't say all of Murrieta is racist.

What gives these non-residents the right to wage economic war against the city of Murrieta and it's innocent children?

If they succeed in their goal of boycotting all businesses in Murrieta, California (which they seem unable to give up even after the media storm has moved on), I ask you this:

Who is going to house all the illegal aliens if everyone is broke and out of a job?

Seems a little counter-productive on top of being callous and spiteful to innocent businesses, citizens and children, both American and Illegals.