Thursday, July 24, 2014

Murrieta is the new Zion


Sometimes you just have to plant your flag in the ground.

I choose to plant it here. And now. 

 I choose to plant my flag with the Murrieta Patriots, who have fought through a Machiavellian smear campaign. 

I choose to plant my flag here and now with the citizens of Murrieta, who had nothing to do with the events depicted, taken out of context by the media.

I choose to plant my flag here in America, where my voice will be heard!

I choose to plant my flag in the face of my enemies who spit at me, burn my flag, and try to intimidate my friends and family.

I choose to plant my flag in honor of our Founding Fathers, who built this country upon the idea that We, the People, have a responsibility to speak out.

I choose to stand with Patriots from across the United States and World, who are willing to support us, and who know that this threat knows no border.

Let's stand together.

Plant your flag with us here and now. 

Don't let them boycott your businesses, your economy, your income.

Don't let them raise money to slander you, your family, your children and your friends.

Don't let them paint your entire city as hate city USA..

Don't let your city become the next Murrieta.

Plant your flag here and now.  Make a difference.