Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Jokers & Nazi's

In the old days, fools were allowed to be called what they are, fools.

In modern times, you have to be nice.  That is the unwritten law in the year 2014.  In California, be nice, or else.  Hollywood speaks this language of temper tantrums and histrionics to the point I hardly recognize it as English at all.  The Queens Enlish has decended directly into valley girl mixed with Yiddish, possibly the only thing the movie Idiocracy missed upon.  I'm definitely getting all verclempt just talking about it.

This language is devoid of thought.  It's stupid, dumb, ignorant and naive. It's nothing more than a bunch of easy to memorize cliches that go down well.

"No war for oil!"
"Peace in the Middle East!"
"Bush is Hitler!"

These guys wouldn't know Hitler if he towel whipped them with a Nazi flag.  Let alone Goebbels, Eichmann, or Himmler.

Is it any surprise that Batman's greatest enemy is none other than Joker?  His motto, "why so serious?"  It's Jokers who are the greatest enemy because they never take anything seriously.  Every time Joker is caught, he escapes only to be caught again.

Unfortunately, many in our society fall into the same trap, for two reasons.  The first, is because they are jokers, who don't know where the line is.  The second reason is because people don't learn history.  In that way, they are bound to repeat it.

That is why it's important to realize that is why we have science and Universities.  To dispel,   *Magic*

Because, that's all they have ever been.  Clowns and village idiots.  Bafoons there for your amusement.  Cup and shell games.  Smoke and mirrors.  No one to take seriously.

But somehow society lost the ability to name these fools for what they are, or what they do.  It's possibly why liberals give them cover by rationalizing everyone as equal.  In that way, no one is  really lessor than anyone else.  This terribly ridiculous philosophy is at the heart of Communism and Marxism, which is ironic since both are sheltering Nazi fascist logic, it's ancient enemy, in the modern era.

So don't be a fool too, or fall for *magic*.
Don't succumb to these jokers, stand up and call them for what they are.

Remember who you are and what you stand for.
Remember you are the one that cares for others and is making the effort to correct the wrong.

After all, is not the grandest illusion one in which someone disappears or is seemingly killed?  A subtle way to trick you into believing that you are wrong about all you know, even life and death itself.  And that is exactly what a real 5 star Nazi needs you to do first and foremost.