Wednesday, July 9, 2014


It's good to be reaching such a large audience so quickly.  Obviously, it's great to see the outpouring of support for those who are willing to stand up for what is right.  I can't say enough how proud I am to know such well mannered patriots, such as Alex.

Standing up when people hate America is difficult.  When people call you every name of the book, just for standing there, holding your flag.  I remember growing up, on the playgrounds of sunny Oceanside, during the end of the Reagan administration.  It was then that I learned even as a 5th grader, how children would take on the language their parents taught them.  Somehow, some of these children, have never grown up.  They feel it right to call other people every name in the book.  They take great pride in making the other side feel terrible and low, instead of realizing that there are greater things than pride at stake.

When the tables are turned, when it's clear they have no argument, they either go home, or start playing the victim role.  In that way, they gain attention, and gain the support of others oblivious to the situation who only want to make sure everyone is playing nice.

At some point, playing nice get's people killed.  It's sad that some people are so entitled, so privileged, that they no longer see how their comments can really affect others.  Or worse, they get brained washed into hating their own country.  When there are so many people out there openly trying to destroy the US, there needs to be some common sense.  However, these people clearly have none.

What should be disturbing, if you are an American like myself, is that so much of this hatred comes from our neighboring ally, Canada.  Yes, the same Canada where those who still supported the British fled in shame after the American revolution.  So often we turn a blind eye to that border, but it was in Canada that there were mass riots before Ann Coulter uttered a word.  It's Canada that is so close to major cities, such as Detroit and New York.  It seems to me, based upon the impression posters from their country have made upon me, is that they consider Americans to be an Empire out for genocidal take over.  Maybe we should be looking at building fences on both borders.