Sunday, July 13, 2014

Not helping, ANC

In the wake of all that is going on in Israel, there is nothing like some hateful words spoken on behalf of a ruling party that help bring things into focus.

From the African National Congress

"As we move towards the month of August and are reminded of he atrocities of Nazi Germany, surely we must ask the people of Israel has the term "lest we forget" lost it meaning.

The state of Israel has turned the occupied territories of Palestine into permanent death camps. Of course the killing of any child irrespective of race color or creed must be condemned and the death of two Israeli young people is surely as senseless as any other death. But for the State of Israel, the notion of an eye for an eye has become perpetual massacre with merciless revenge which has lasted for more than 60 years. It is time to stop the killing now."

That is not new.  Israeli's has been accused of turning Palestine into permanent death camps before.  But, the camps have been under the control of the Palestinian Government for years.  Does the West not remember the PLO was in charge for years and never built anything?  Instead of fixing up the place, building homes and providing the basics for their own people, the PLO had been stockpiling weapons instead.

When it was clear that had run it's course, it just rebranded.  Out with the PLO, in with the Palestinian Authority.  Out with Hamas, and in with "Fatah."  The Unity Government was just the latest name, but it was just the same thing.  Another facade.

Instead of building bunkers for their residents, they strapped their children with bombs and told them to murder other children. They started to worship murderers and terrorists.  They started to worship the Nazis.

They began to teach it in their schools.  This from Al-Quds University.

In the heart of Jerusalem, someone raised the Nazi flag.

That is the new Palestinian culture.  A brazen one, open to Hitler's final solution.  Since the world no longer calls them out for it, they are free to say and do as they will.

When the majority of Israeli's realized the other side no longer wanted to compromise, there was only a push by Palestinians to wipe out the Jews, they had to do something.  Americans should realize, that was what happened to an "open" border policy with a people who hated it.

Israeli food, electricity and gas went over - hate, bombs and death came back.  An unfair trade ratio, to make a dramatic understatement.

Since it couldn't find any reasonable peace partner, Israel made the decision to build it's security fence.  It acted as any sane Government should, it decided to protect it's citizens. It worked, for the most part, to prevent the suicide bombings.  It helped protect innocent Israelis, and citizens from around the World on vacation and educational journeys, enjoy the Holy land. 

Not to be defeated, Hamas began it's campaign of missiles and kidnappings.

At first, the missiles rained every so often.  But it became a flood and was topped with the recent kidnapping of 3 innocent Israeli teenagers, one of whom was also a U.S. Citizen.  But what didn't kill Israel at first, made it stronger.  Even if Obama would turn a blind eye to the death of a U.S. Citizen.

Israel had already called upon it's ally, the United States.  Together, they built the Iron Dome defense system to protect it's cities after it was clear Hamas would continue to fire rockets at it.  Thanks to this joint venture, Israel became much better at defending itself.  The defense is not perfect, but during this war, Israeli's have been spared from most critical damage.

American's should learn from this and know that Hamas was willing to kill murder it's own people.

America has also gained from the venture, including advances that should be used in it's own self-defense.  The system works!  Every missile and rocket intercepted is saving lives!  With crazy megalomaniacs launching weapons every day, such as N. Korea, it would be a good idea to use the technology in say, South Korea or Japan.

Hamas, on the other hand?

Hamas keeps launching it's missiles, using it's own people as human shields.  As the IDF points out, Hamas could have built bunkers to protect it's people.  Instead, they send them in to be slaughtered for propaganda.  What twisted minds.

According to international laws of warfare, Israel is just in pursuing these terrorists.  Israel has, in a way I've never seen before, tried to minimize innocent casualties in the bombings.  Using everything from literature or telephone calls.  Meanwhile, Hamas sends it's own people back in, "go ahead, ignore the Israeli's", which has killed it's own people (including innocent children).  On top of that, their own weapons are disturbing their society, such as when one rocket knocked out power to 70,000 people (as of this afternoon).

International pressure should be on Hamas and the Unity Government to step down instead of asking for peace.

I would recommend, if they won't, Israel perhaps establish an area of Gaza they control, free of terrorist control, and allow for peaceful, willing to accept the state of Israel, moderates back in, which I do believe some exist.  By trying to kill the state of Israel, and it's inhabitants, all the members and supporters of Hamas forfeit their lands, to which Israel should give back to the people of Gaza.

At this point, any moderate of Gaza who stands up is at direct risk of being tortured, family killed, and murdered.  Israel could protect these moderates, as well, even if they want independence from Israel. But they must recognize the state of Israel, the right of it to exist, and it's right to self-defense.  They also must stop with the ridiculous language, such as occupation.  They must also recognize their people's right to a real life.  They need to spend their money on agriculture and start building their civilization.  Everyone around the World wants to see the people of Gaza stop suffering as well.

Then, and only then, can Israel trust enough in a mutual partner to give it power.   Eventually, with peace and co-operation, and upon normalized relations, Israel may feel safe enough to remove the fence along the Gaza border.

As for the African National Congress, they should look inward.

"Despite South Africa’s strong constitutional protections for human rights and its relative success at providing basic services, the government is struggling to meet demands for economic and social rights. Financial mismanagement and corruption—especially at the local government level—have contributed to this issue. The killing of 34 miners at the Lonmin Platinum Mine in Marikana, North West Province in August of 2012 shocked South Africans and highlighted increasing concerns over police brutality and underlying grievances over the government’s failure to fulfill basic economic and social rights. Bills have been proposed that, if enacted, would negatively affect media freedom and access to justice."

- Human's Right's Watch current assessment of South Africa