Thursday, September 3, 2015

A World That Looks Away

How much longer can we turn away?

How much longer can we avoid the painful subjects, or minimize the deeply disturbing into trite cliches. How much longer can we rationalize doing nothing as the cries of the innocent call out?

The tumult in Syria shouldn't met such global silence, but yet it is happening.  The cries have gone unheard for years. In the face of these growing atrocities, in Syria and elsewhere, the West seems unable to comprehend what is going on. 

Perhaps it's because we lack a true leader in Washington with vision and a desire to help ease human suffering around the World.

But we don't. We have Barack Obama.

A man perfectly content to let the war spiral out of control. A man, who was supposed to be a Nobel Peace Prize winner, yet has done more to sow chaos than perhaps any man in the last 50 years. Never mind that he wants to arm up the IslamoNazi's in Tehran, and won't stand up to Putin and China on any of their human rights abuses or cyber warfare.  It's clear to gather from the last 7 years, that Barack Obama doesn't see America as the super power it is.

Without a super power in the world with a Godly moral compass - it's inevitable that the World will descent into Darkness once again.

I pray that this will change. I pray that people will wake up and see!  See that this World is spiraling out of control and every second leads us to deeper future tragedies.

But I will not hold my breath. Let's pray that this blindness will not last any longer- but be prepared for the worst.