Monday, July 13, 2015

Nothing New

While the illegal immigration debate recently is important, let's not forget that this has been an ongoing issue.

One of the reasons that pushed me to create this blog, was the need to get out the fact that former liberals, like myself, agreed that the 'Liberal' faction had gone too far.  They were endangering our families and friends by allowing these open borders. Even worse, the Federal government was complicit in human trafficking these individuals around until they dumped them into our streets, and schools.

It has now been over a year ago since the people of the city of Murrieta, and nearby communities, with the help of those in the Border Patrol, stood up to this non-sense.  And while our names were dragged through the mud, much like Trump is now being subjected to, we did not give in.

So while the Bill Maher's of the world, who sit in their gated communities far away from these real world issues, can make Dr. Suess jokes, real people continue to be maimed, raped, and murdered like Kate Steinle.

How many more people need suffer needlessly?  How many more parents need to bury their children because 'liberal' politicians put winning votes ahead of the health and safety of their citizens?

Enough is enough.  End this 'open border' non-sense and lawlessness!!