Sunday, July 19, 2015

Circumventing the Constitution

So, we are finally here.

This was all predicted, by the way.  Mark Levin said once Corker made his bargain with Obama, selling out the Treaty power of the Constitution, we were doomed.  What that fool Corker didn't realize was that once Congress agreed that it was a deal, and not a treaty, that Obama was no longer bound to the Constitutional process.

Obama is going straight to the UN, avoiding Congress.

Obama has betrayed the agreement and our Republic, putting the security of the United States and the World in the hands of an International entity that doesn't have our best interests at heart.  Remember, on this security council current sits Russia and China.

So these fools, both Republican and Democrat, have given up OUR Constitutional powers to this lawless President.  And it's jeopardizing the lives of everyone, including your children and grandchildren.

But is the attention of this campaign, of this world, on that fact right now?


All the attention is instead upon the battle between someone who is running, and someone who is not.  Better a big ego, and one that is even bigger.

But these are serious times, and they call for serious people.

Right now we need to get serious as a people.

It's first, up to our representatives in Congress, who we voted in overwhelmingly in 2014, to rip up the bargain - just as Obama did, and treat this as a treaty.  Otherwise, I fear that the ball will begin rolling towards the States themselves, as Guarantors of the Constitution, having to solve this crisis.