Sunday, July 19, 2015

Choice vs Genetics

I, for one, wish politicians would answer the questions, even the toughest ones.

I believe in answering questions with facts.  Isn't that what Science tells us to do?

Let's start with the question of same sex attraction.

The PC crowd has stated that they are 'born that way.'  In this way, they can strike an appeal to younger generations to be tolerant of the way people are forced to be.

However, this is just not the case.  We've had studies and research for years now into the question of if it is choice or genetics when it .  The results are conclusive - it's not genetic.

It should be obvious to the casual observer that same-sex coupling doesn't promote species replication, a problem when it comes to passing down any genetic material to the next generation.

Simply put, if the very act of homosexuality creates an environment where one can not pass down genetic information, then it can't be genetic.  It has to arise from environmental factors by simple logical elimination. 

What those environmental factors are may be unique to each individual - but they are factors that are not baked into each persons genetic code.