Monday, July 13, 2015


It's important to realize how much a gift each day is to be alive and be free.

I've lost a great deal of family to cancer.  My father, however, survived it.  If he hadn't, I may not be here today.  But not everyone has had the mercy of G-d as my father had.

Recently, I had a former boss of mine pass away.  This is the same boss who fired me at Sprint, who I mentioned in had denied me my religious holiday request, and had threatened to retaliate against me, and my family as a result.  This person threatened us with a loss of income because of his mistake.  Nor did he care - and made it worse, through his threats.

I don't hold a grudge against him.  I pray for the family he leaves behind - wife, and two children, one high school and one middle school age.  

But of all the things done to my family, to my G-d, by this person of "Jewish heritage" (i.e. he doesn't personally believe), this was, in my opinion, the most irksome to G-d.  I wonder if his rejection of the Most Holy ate at him until the last day before he ceased to be.