Friday, May 15, 2015

Sudden Life

It's great to see Dr. Ben Carson leading the latest Fox News poll - even if tied with Bush.

I think it's refreshing for the GOP's image as it moves forward.  It can help change the narrative. Suddenly, the perception of the party as an old white boys club would change.

I personally, think his most endearing quality is his humble delivery.  He has that soft spoken approach, an approach that comes across differently from other politicians, one that has the warm tone of the doctor you visit every week.

But, much like Obama, that's just not enough.  Image is fleeting - beauty is vein - we need to learn to think beyond the approaches.

We need to see more.

I want him to better clarify issues, such as his stance on gun control.  His statements on his stance between rural and urban control seems awkward. I understand he has some rust to shake off concerning the issues, as he is not a politician by trade, but if he wants to become the nominee, he can't constantly stumble and fall.

He should not change, however, his candor and approach. He should continue to speak from his heart, and it seems he has.  Even when the Liberals pounce because they don't understand his thinking, such as his comments on homosexuality.

While I continue to prefer Ted Cruz as the candidate, Carson would be a suitable representative at this time for me, and I can easily get behind him as a new start to the Republican party.