Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Social Justice Crusade

I often see in my Architecture requirements questions revolving around the topic 'Social Justice'.  That begs the obvious question, what exactly is 'Social Justice?'

It's clearly not the same thing as justice.  Justice is the abiding by the system, adhering to the rule of law.

Social justice, is sadly, not that.  The social part seems to be the most important part of the phrase.  Social is an ambiguous term for people and society. This renders a foundation to provide regulation of a normalized society impossible.

So while social justice is little more than a nicely Orwellian phrased way to say you want mob rule based purely on emotion, it has no place in modern society.

But modern society, is not what these people want.  Look at the great works of art by these so-called Social Justice Warriors (SJW) - the piss Christ and the Vagina Monologues are considered amazing.  I would contend that they are not works of great imagination - but rather of juvenile attempts to rationalize emotional hatred.

And deep down, this is about hatred.

Hatred against people who are happy.

Like Christians.  And Gamers.

Christians are often embarrassed in public for their beliefs.  Why, because they believe in G-D?  But no, that's not where these SJW's often stop.  They often feel it right to call G-D a rapist - because of the Virgin Mary. It is because of this twisted logic that they feel it right to say Christians are the opposite of what they are trying to become.

That has gone so well for SJW's, having taken over almost the entire science and media community, that they decided to start treading into uncharted waters - video games and literature. It wasn't soon before that the SJW's came for what they saw was the ultimate misogyny lair - video games. So the attack with the multiple media journalists against gamers was simply the next step.  It was bound to happen.

But this boils down to one thing - choice.

The choice to practice whatever religion (or non-religion) you desire, or purchase the video game that you want - it's what the SJW's don't want you to have.

So we are all in the same boat against the Social Justice Crusade.  How to stop it? Well, that's for another post.