Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Cigarette Butts

While we don't have the evidence yet in the Eric Garner case, what I will say about it is that I feel it's a tragedy to die over a cigarette. 

Did we not learn enough during prohibition in regards to alcohol?  Did crime not go wildly out of control with the likes of Enoch Louis "Nucky" Thompson? Progressives have been shouting this for years in relation to the 'drug war'.  Prohibition against marijuana has only lead to the increase drug cartel revenue.

The results should be obvious : when the Government bans or taxes an in demand item, the result is an illegal rush to fill or undercut the price. 

And that illegality forces the police to be in a position where they have to use some force to enforce the law.  How far that force goes, that's a relatively difficult question to ponder when you are struggling with a 300+ pound individual.

I would rather avoid that situation all together.  I would rather suggest we shouldn't be looking to the Government, in particular the Federal one, to constantly fix our issues.  After all, Government created slavery in the first place - so why should we be so trusting of it?

My suggestion is to end these ridiculous government laws, regulations and taxes.  In the end, if we care about the lives our of people, we would at least discuss it.