Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Malcomn X once said,

When you are used as a political tool, you are a chump. And that is what is happening to you when you buy into the "Hands Up Don't Shoot" movement.

Instead of working to better your lives, you have basically announced to the world that you have given up. You don't gain anything by being out there on the streets blocking regular folks from getting to work - like this gentleman:

When you call on people to "#Shutitdown," you are basically advocating for grinding the entire economy - and the United States - to a halt.  You are basically advocating for an end to civilization.

But why shut down America?  Whose really behind the movement?

Some call them "opportunists" - but that's just part of the story.  Most of them from their signs are communists, anarchists, socialists and most importantly - Muslim.  The Islamic faction has pushed the narrative in Ferguson because their goal is to paint the USA as the great Satan.  By having Americans denounce their own country as AmeriKKKa and other ridiculous statements - they help perpetuate the myth that America deserves it's own destruction.  Ferguson is ultimately a coup by the Muslim leadership to attack the West at it's core.

At the end of the day, the Ferguson protestors are political chumps for the anti-American attacks that are being waged on our country. Since they are inclined to only watch liberal news outlets, there is almost no chance of the protestors being reigned in. They rage inside the Left's political bubble - oblivious to the havoc they are causing.

What has happened in response is that there is a blossoming of other news sources.  Twitter, for one, has become of the best.  While imperfect, it has allowed news to travel against the wishes of the Mainstream media.  Such was the case with Professor Gruber, who was caught on multiple Youtube videos speaking down to the America people about it's economic understanding. 

So the lesson to be learned here is :

We need to continue to keep social media open and free - without restriction - as a balance to corporate media.

With technology, such as ustream, everyone is able to be able to see what is going on instead of relying on a cable news to provide that window of context.  We have been empowered with the ability - now it's up to us to use it.

As citizens, we must use our brains and start filtering out the irrelevant, ridiculous points of view that have dragged us into this mire in the first place.