Sunday, August 10, 2014

Calling all Chefs & Farmers

One our favorite programs is River Cottage.

The general concept was created originally in Britain, of a chef returning to a farm and cooking his own foods.  Organic and nature sourced foods make for tastier food - not to mention, don't require huge amount of production energy.  In the future without fossil fuels, mass production as we currently have it, will not be possible!  It's important to think ahead.

For us, we just love the new Australia version which has just returned for it's second season.

The concept of building our own farm has long been a dream of ours.

However, we would go with an more sustainable design, with the use of permaculture, poly-culture and swales. Most people don't understand what that is, so here are some videos that I enjoy to explain from what I consider the current guru on the subject, Geoff Lawton.

Here are some additional videos to show how it's done :

Now, not everyone wants to live on a farm.

Some of us love the convenience of cities.  This is perhaps the most critical portion because poly-culture designs can help us reduce the energy required to produce enormous amounts of food for our future population.  So here is a basic idea on how it can be adapted for an urban environment,

But my designs would go farther.  I would like to touch upon the entire city.  Rain water catching, particularly in the Southwest United States could be instrumental in turning around the environment of Southern California.

I would rather see us use your technology to turn our environment around us green instead of gray.