Sunday, August 10, 2014

Thank you for the support

Thank you again for all the kind words of support!

This is a complete new venture for myself and Reena, who will be helping me with much of the office work.  We have helped other businesses before, and run businesses when managers would rather be out drinking coffee at Starbucks.

Instead of working for others and getting spat on, we are going to work for ourselves. 

We have always treated our customers with respect.  I have been told by Sprint management before, to "rip people off."  I have always refused to do so because it's wrong.  I have morals and values, and that's a big reason why Sprint wanted me gone.

So our promise to our future customers is to treat you the best we can.

One day, G-d willing, we will be successful enough to hire other individuals at good wages.  We hope to give back to our community, not just by hiring, but also through charity.  A portion of all our profits will go to charity.  In this, and in all our endeavors, we hope to be transparent as possible.  We realize that once trust is lost, it is lost for good.

So, please spread the word for us.  Even if you don't need our services, maybe forward our website or email address to someone, business or organization that could.

Thank you again!

Jeremy & Reena