Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Obama Doctrine

Like I said, I was expecting some nice fireworks over Iraq.
Clinton says non-intervention in Syria led to rise of IS, slams Obama's foreign policy of 'don't do stupid shit'

Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton denounced President Barack Obama's foreign policy, describing its guiding principle as the directive to "don't do stupid shit." Clinton told the Atlantic magazine that fear of error does not represent "an organizing principle" worthy of a global leader such as the United States.

On the Gaza crisis, Clinton offered a position continuous with Obama's, saying she supports Israel’s right to defend itself against Hamas rocket attacks.

“Just as we try to do in the United States and be as careful as possible in going after targets to avoid civilians, mistakes are made," the official said in an interview published Sunday. “We’ve made them. I don’t know a nation, no matter what its values are—and I think that democratic nations have demonstrably better values in a conflict position—that hasn’t made errors, but ultimately the responsibility rests with Hamas.”

That would basically summarize Obama's policies pretty well.  Obama is clearly tanking or Hillary wouldn't have taken such an open, public swipe.