Tuesday, July 15, 2014

When to use the word

Do people really fall for it?

So often, these days, I hear the victim card played.  Often, it's because of what someone simply said.  Any word or phrase that offends these delicate sensibilities becomes the equivalent of hate speech, or terrorism.  Are these people really so sensitive?  Can they not handle adult language?  Apparently.

While some people may not like it, this country is founded on being able to speak one's mind.  Even if that should offend someone else.

A great example is the word Nazi.

It get's thrown around all the time.  Used to mean all kinds of things, including the shutting down of free speech.

But Nazism was so much more than that.  It had many implications, not just for Jews and Gypsies, for any religious individual.

I personally find it very difficult to use the word myself, being a Jew.  Having been told the stories of my own family being sent to slaughter, I do not use the situation lightly.

I however, using the situation here, and now? No problem.  Because it's appropriate for many reasons.

And I think other Jewish intellectuals agree,

"The moral gulf between Israel, our Entity B, and Hamas, our Entity A, is as clear and as great as the one that existed between the Allies and Nazi Germany. It is in today’s world one of the few instances in which the Nazi analogy is accurate."

Dennis Prager, http://www.nationalreview.com/article/382730/jewish-state-morally-sick-world-dennis-prager

So I don't feel there is any need to feel ashamed in calling these people what they are, Nazi's.